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We are "VIDYALAYA" and we have been serving technical knowledge and services here on the internet (our digital platform). We believe in educating all, from teenagers to homemakers, from jargon to experts, and from students to educators. We provide notes and video lectures on computer-based subjects, monthly online magazines (also available in pdf format for free downloading), WhatsApp broadcast service to students, and website development service to customers along with digital marketing services.


When we were young, we didn't get a medium to technically educate ourselves. We started this because we believe there had to be a better way. We, therefore, teach, encourage and guide on technological topics. We are looking forward to starting live seminars, offline classes, Email Newsletters, Podcasts and audiobooks on Computer Science and Technology.


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Technology will never replace great teachers but

Technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.

by George Couros

Our Mission

We are here to provide opportunities for learning technology, free of cost. For realizing the vision, we stand committed to providing guidance and support on technological subjects.


Our Vision

Every individual possesses a unique set of skills. If your set relates to technology, then we are here to transform your potentials into success. We are also open to learn, study, and educate ourselves.

Life has no age bar because

Learning has no age limits


Our Services

Basic Digital Marketing

1. Local Search Optimization

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Create company profile for

    online platforms

4. Social Media Marketing


5. Mobile Marketing

6. Provide Guidance in Content


Advanced Digital Marketing

1. Email Marketing

2. Bulk SMS Service

3. Social Media Marketing

    (Paid Advertising)

4. SEM - Search Engine 


5. Display Advertisement 

6. Youtube Growth, Strategy,

    and Monetisation.

Web Development

1. Eye-catching, attractive, and

    theme-based templates.

2. HD Images and Videos

3. Easy to share on Social Media

4. Mobile-friendly website

5. Event and Offer promotion.

6. E-Commerce

7. Professional Mailbox with 

    Google Suite


1. Computer Awareness 

2. Notes on Computer Science

    based subjects.

3. Audio Lectures

4. Slide Show Presentation

5. Seminar

6. Webinar

7. Video Lectures on Youtube

8. WhatsApp Broadcast

9.  Email Newsletter

10. Offline Classes